About the Systems Immunity Program

Systems Immunity is a gateway to information and resources being developed under the NIH/NIAID grant, “Systems Approach to Immunity and Inflammation” (U19AI100627). The overall goal of this program is to identify and characterize novel regulators of the immune response to NIAID Priority Pathogens. The knowledge and insights garnered from these efforts will help to guide the development of improved vaccines and therapeutics against infectious diseases that continue to affect us all.

Systems Immunity is the continuation of a program first initiated in 2002, designed to bring a multidisciplinary approach to bear on dissecting the immune response to pathogens. The first iterations of the program were funded under NIAID grant U54 AI054253 (2002-2007) and contract HHSN272200700038C (2007-2012). The resources and tools generated under those earlier programs, such as the Integrated Data Browser, continue to be accessible at www.SystemsImmunology.org.

Application of Systems-Guided Forward Genetics to Studies of Immune Regulation

We have developed a strategy that integrates recent technological advances to maximally exploit the power of ENU-mutagenesis and systems-biology to identify novel regulators of immune responses and determine their mechanism of action. Our overall approach is depicted in the figure. To explore the individual projects and the role of each core click on the figure..